Learning 2014 Reflections - Monday

Today was a great day filled with interesting speakers, discussions, and learning. I was fortunate to meet up with a fellow employee from another Division and connect with a few alumni!

The agenda included two general sessions separated by several smaller learning sessions and meetups. The general sessions included keynote speakers including:

Nick Pinchuk, CEO of Snap-On Tools
Passionate about talent, training and development. Believes companies have an obligation to upscale their employees. The more capable your workforce is, the more successful you will be.

Metra Mehran, Afghanistan Student
Inspiring talk by an extraordinary young woman from Afghanistan. Dedicated to improving access to learning against all odds.

Sir Ken Robinson, TED Talks
Awesome speaker with a gift for telling great stories. Strong advocate for creativity and the arts in education. The wellspring of human achievement is the capacity for imagination

Logan Smalley, TED Ed
Shared the vision of TED Ed and gave a brief demo of the TED Ed platform, a free tool to create and share educational lessons. I definitely need to look into this further.

Robin Roberts, GMA Host
Spoke about her life, family and how she became the head anchor at GMA. A very funny and genuine speaker.

Between general sessions, I was off attending a few of the many learning sessions scheduled for the day. These sessions were:

  • From one-size-fits-all to Flexible operations-managed & on-demand learning.
  • Leveraging video for learning: On-the-Job, Peer-to-Peer, and more
  • Instructional Design: New Approaches & Roles
  • Learning Tech: Back to the Future

These sessions were engaging, interactive and generated lots of great discussion among the participants.

Once again, I'll leave you with a few photos from the day.