Learning 2014 Reflections - Sunday

It's good to be back!

After 7 long years since attending my last Elliott Masie Learning conference, I'm back this week in Orlando at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort with 1,700 participants for Learning 2014.

Learning 2007 was great. But when I look back, I can't help but think how different things were. Remember the 'Web 2.0' buzz? How about the original iPhone? Twitter was just getting started and Facebook was a very different animal.

Fast forward 7 years and everything has changed. It's a whole new kind of experience. The technology of 2007 has matured. I'm walking around with my iPhone 6Plus taking 8MP photos, connecting with other attendees, even meeting up with Alumni via twitter. The conference is also experimenting with iBeacons, QR codes are all over, meetups are everywhere and everyone is connected.

Learning 2014 is packed with 13+ keynote speakers, 175 sessions, and dozens of experiences to participate in. Tonight's general session was packed with lots of great topics, thought provoking guests, a Capella singers, and a giant 110 foot curved screen that would make any gamer drool.

While the conference doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, I'm already engaged and meeting new people who share my same passion for learning. I'm really excited for and looking forward to the next three days.

OK, time to plan my schedule of sessions for tomorrow. I'll leave you with some photos from an afternoon walk and this evening's general session.

Look for another reflection coming your way tomorrow night.