Instructional Design

As an instructional designer, it's my job to develop and deliver effective training. I use a systematic process to define the true training need and create learning experiences that achieve the intended outcomes. Coaching subject matter experts, conducting Train-the-Trainer, and developing large scale programs that change behavior is all part of the job.

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Digital Photography

Digital is my format of choice because it provides instant results. This real-time feedback allows me to adjust my technique and to try again. It's an iterative process of learning that I love. Most of all, I enjoy the challenge of going out and finding a unique perspective to those things we see every day. There is always something new to discover.

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Voice Over

As part of my job, I record and edit my own voice for course narrations and other audio presentations. The quality of the audio, which includes the equipment used and the editing performed is important to the overall effectiveness of training. Would your movie going experience be just as enjoyable if the audio sounded as if it were recorded through a phone?

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